Community Continues to Distribute Aid for Sangatta Flood-Affected Residents

Aid for flood-affected residents in East Kutai Regency continues to arrive two weeks after the Sangatta flood. Residents in Persiapan Pinang Raya Village received hygiene kits and food packages from UPZ Yaumil PT Badak NGL Bontang. The team also provided school supply packages for kids.

hygiene kits
ACT and UPZ Yaumil PT Badak NGL Bontang provide hygiene kits for residents affected by the Sangatta flood. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST KUTAI – Teaching and learning activities at SDN 007 Persiapan Pinang Raya, South Sangatta District, East Kutai Regency, were still suspended two weeks after the Sangatta flood. Furthermore, community activities have not returned to normal.

Residents are still concentrating on cleaning their homes and removing flood debris. According to Rosliati, the Head of Persiapan Pinang Raya Village, the five days of floods with water levels reaching 2 meters ruined or damaged many house furniture.

"The flood in this town affected almost 70% of the people. The water level drops to 50 cm at the lowest point and rises to two meters at the highest point. Yesterday, the village office was flooded," Rosliati stated on Thursday (3/31/2022).

ACT and UPZ Yaumil PT Badak NGL Bontang distributed hygiene kit packages. Furthermore, UPZ Yaumil PT Badak NGL Bontang distributed food supplies to 14 public kitchens in Pinang Raya's Preparation Village.

"Alhamdulillah, perhaps the assistance provided will be useful to locals. We hope this calamity will not occur again," said Imron, ACT East Kalimantan Branch Manager.

Muslimah from Persiapan Pinang Raya Village expressed her gratitude for this help. "This bundle will help us clean up the debris leftover from yesterday's disaster," he stated.

School supply assistance

The floodwaters, according to Sunardi, principal of SDN 007 Persiapan Pinang Raya, caused many classrooms unclean and ruined school equipment. The water level had risen to one meter at a time.

"For the past two weeks, we have been taking the students off to clean the classrooms. Furthermore, most of the school's equipment has been damaged, including 3,000 books in the library that can no longer be used," Sunardi explained.

Providing school supplies packages to students of SDN 007 Persiapan Pinang Raya. (ACTNews)

According to Sunardi, the flood-affected roughly 470 students at SDN 007 Persiapan Pinang Raya. Due to the big flood, their school uniforms and equipment were filthy and damaged.

On Thursday, ACT, in collaboration with FKIP Mulawarman University Samarinda (Unmul), handed school supply kits to flood-affected students. The assistance came from FKIP Unmul students and the community.

"Alhamdulillah, we, the FKIP students of Mulawarman University Samarinda, can provide school supplies for flood-affected students. Hopefully, it can help the students whose school kits have been damaged," Ryan, a member of the FKIP Unmul student council, expressed his thoughts. []