Completing the Palestinians' Happiness in Welcoming Ramadan

The unstable economical condition in Gaza result in the lack of ability for many Gazan families to make ends meet, especially in the upcoming Ramadan.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap volunteers in Jerusalem prepare food assistance in Ramadan 2020
Illustration. Aksi Cepat Tanggap volunteers in Jerusalem prepare food assistance in Ramadan 2020. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Ramadan is greeted with joy in Palestine. In Sooq Alzaiwa, one of the most crowded markets in Gaza, for example, the market alleys have been decorated with light-colored ornaments to welcome the customers. 

Entering Sooq Alzaiwa, the shops were in line. There was a snack seller with various kinds of dates and beans available. Dates were the most wanted items for people to be consumed at iftar. There was also Gaza’s authentic pickles seller, which consists of olive oil, bell peppers, and cucumber. Many fruit sellers were lining up along the alley. There were apples, tangerines, and other various fruits.

For Abu Shabaan, one of the fruit sellers in Sooq Alzaiwa, there were still not many customers for this Ramadan. He used to have a five meters long table filled with the fruits that he sells. However, as of now, there weren't many kinds of fruit that he sells due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The citizens of Gaza who come to shop have decreased a lot, resulting in his shop hardly selling well.

“All the difficulties come at the same time. The coronavirus pandemic and economical difficulties causing the no income situation,” said Abu Shabaan when he was visited by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Gaza team last March.

The unstable economic situation in Gaza caused not many citizens can provide their necessities in this market. A lot of young people in Gaza became jobless due to the lack of employment for them. It’s not uncommon to find Gazans who can’t provide their daily food needs and only rely on their neighbors or even taking some debts only to fulfill their daily consumption.

Assistance for Gaza

This Ramadan, ACT will be back to distribute assistance to Gaza, reaching out to tens of thousands of beneficiaries. The assistance includes meals for suhoor and iftar, staple food packages for underprivileged families, Eid packages, Waqf Well, carpets for mosques, and Al-Qur’an learning center for children.

SAid Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response ACT explained, this assistance are hopefully able to lighten the burdens of underprivileged citizens in Gaza, especially during Ramadan. Food packages which were sent to Gazan families include wheat, cooking oil, and beans which can fulfill their needs for suhoor and iftar.

“Every year, ACT always sends food packages and implements other strategic programs in Palestine during Ramadan. Hopefully, this year, there will be more assistance from us that can be delivered to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Therefore, we always encourage benefactors to continue to care and donate for our brothers and sisters in Gaza who are in need,” said Said.[]