Conflict in Marib Worsens Crisis among Yemen IDPs

Yemen conflict has started to spread in Marib City, threatening the arduous lives of the local IDPs.

Yemen IDPs.
Illustration. Yemen IDPs. (UNHCR/Mohammed Hamoud)

ACTNews, MARIB – Armed conflicts reportedly occured in several districts in Marib, Yemen which worsens the humanitarian crisis in Marib which is located in northern Yemen. The number of displaced people in camps in Yemen's Marib province has risen nearly 10-fold within the last three months.

Based on the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in 2021, Marib has become the home to three million people, including nearly 1 million who fled other parts of Yemen. IOM says that the IDPs fled their homeland to avoid conflict and seek more peaceful lives.

Conditions at 137 displacement sites are poor and deteriorating, the IOM said, calling for more funding and warning of a larger exodus should fighting reach Marib city, the capital. "Communities are being repeatedly displaced and arriving at our sites in dire need," said IOM Yemen chief representative Christa Rottensteiner.

Furthermore, The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) says that further escalation of the conflict will only increase the vulnerability of people in Marib – especially the IDPs, and access to humanitarian aid is becoming harder.

UNHCR is gravely concerned about the safety and security of civilians in Yemen’s Marib governorate, including more than one million people who are estimated to be displaced. New displacement is exacerbating the existing humanitarian needs, drastically increasing the need for shelter, essential household items, water and sanitation, education, and protection services – particularly for children.

Health conditions such as acute watery diarrhea, malaria, and upper respiratory tract infections, are common among the newly displaced.[]