Continue Providing Assistance for Veterans in Bandung

In their era, they fought bravely for the independence of Indonesia. However, many veterans still have to live in poverty. This condition inspired ACT to continue to provide the benefits of generosity to veterans.

A veteran in Bandung
The ACT team with a veteran in Bandung open a package from generous benefactors. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – Didi (93) is a resident in Cipulus Hamlet, Cilengkrang Village, Bandung Regency. He was born in 1928 and was involved in the Bandung Lautan Api event in 1946.

Now, he works as a security guard even though his physical body is no longer strong. To increase his income, he works as a livestock laborer belonging to other residents.

“My income is from being a security guard and looking for grass for livestock. I earn IDR 200,000 per month,” said Didi when met by Aksi Cepat Tanggap, Tuesday (6/22/2021).

As a veteran, Didi did not get any benefits due to administrative problems. He has to work to meet his daily needs. This father of one child has to survive with a small salary amid the rising price of goods.

There are still many veterans living in poverty. This condition inspired ACT Bandung to assist them. In collaboration with and 99Virtual, several veterans in Bandung received food packages and financial assistance.

Irvan Apriana from the program team of ACT Bandung said this concern for veterans is a continuation of the good actions that have been carried out previously. This time, it was veterans in the Rancasari, Cibiru, and Cilengkrang areas who received this assistance.

“Veterans are living witnesses of how our nation claimed and defended its independence from invaders. However, many of them are underprivileged people. It is our duty as the successors of a nation to honor them,” said Irvan.[]