Continuing to Expand Kindness through ACT Branch Office in Manado

Since officially opening a new branch office in Manado, ACT immediately expanded the kindness through various programs. Apart from that, this branch in North Sulawesi also invites all parties to collaborate in providing the best services to the community.

ACT team hands over the humanitarian assistance to one of the flood survivors in Manado. (ACTNews/Abdurahman)
ACT team hands over the humanitarian assistance to one of the flood survivors in Manado. (ACTNews/Abdurahman)

ACTNews, MANADO – In the last days of Ramadan, ACT continues to expand benefits and embrace the community to do more actions. After opening a branch office in Magelang, ACT opened a new branch office in Manado, North Sulawesi. ACT teams in Manado have immediately held acts of kindness.

The office is located in Ternate Tanjung Village, Singkil, Manado. A while ago, a flash flood hit this area. ACT with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteers distributed dozens of food packages to the people there from the best alms of the community.

“Thank you for the food packages. Thank you to the volunteers who have helped the flood-affected survivors,” said Ramean Hasan, the Head of RT 01, Ternate Tanjung Village, Friday (4/30/2021). Tanjung Ternate area itself is a place that is regularly flooded every time it rains with high intensity.

The Branch Manager of ACT Manado, Budiyanto Tangahu said ACT would continue spreading kindness since ACT’s branch office has been opened in Manado. Through this branch, it would facilitate the implementation of kindness actions and establish a collaboration with various parties so the benefits continued to spread to many people.

“With the presence of ACT in Manado, we hope that it will be able to give the best contribution to the community. Anyone can also collaborate with ACT Manado for kindness, "Budi asked. []