Convenient Ways to Perform Qurbani with Global Qurban’s Innovative Products

Convenient Ways to Perform Qurbani with Global Qurban’s Innovative Products

ACTNews, JAKARTA – It is a tradition for Indonesian muslims to observe full preparation every time we enter the period for qurbani. What kind of and how many qurbani animals we want to give comes into consideration. As the price for qurbani rise every year, a new question emerges. Can we perform the best qurbani this year, amidst the rising price?

With affordable price and other conveniences, it is possible for qurbani performers to give their best qurbani. This is what Global Qurban-Aksi Cepat Tanggap offers. All conveniences are packed within innovative, competitive products. Thus, people who wish to perform qurbani can choose innovative qurbani products a la GQ that facilitate them to perform qurbani better.

Then, what are those products?

One of them is Qurban Progresif (Progressive Qurbani). Who does not want to perform qurbani with affordable price? With Progressive Qurbani, qurbani performers can enjoy this privilege. Moreover, Progressive Qurbani makes it possible for Muslim to perform qurbani earlier. The earlier people perform qurbani, the more affordable the price for livestock they buy. The closer the month gets to Eid al-Adha, the price will rise (progressively) until it reaches regular price. By doing earlier transaction, qurbani performers can have two conveniences: affordable price and well-planned qurbani performance.

Another option is Qurban Intensif (Intensive Qurbani). When Intensive Qurbani is selected, qurbani performers can plan their qurbani for five to ten years in a row. They only need to pay once to have fixed qurbani in the timeline. Additionally, they can devote qurbani each year to different person as well.

If performing qurbani near Eid al-Adha is preferable, Qurban Reguler (Regular Qurbani) can be a choice. Regular Qurbani has an extensive and varying channel. A strategic access is the main advantage of this product. Qurban performers can perform qurbani via thousands of channels, such as corporation retails, banks, companies, communities, schools, mosques, and other partners of Global Qurban-Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

When performing qurbani for their own sake is not enough, qurbani performers can help others to perform qurbani. Sedekah Qurban (Sadaqa for Qurbani) enables you to buy  qurbani animal(s) dedicating for other people who are not their relatives.

People can use their good intention to give qurbani to needy people, such as Islamic preachers in Indonesia’s outskirts. Sadaqa for Qurbani reflects the beauty of sharing and empathy. It is a proof of GQ’s intention to uplift the faith that everybody can perform qurbani.

Besides Sadaqa for Qurbani, sharing the joy of qurbani can be done with Wakaf Ternak untuk Qurban (Livestock Waqf for Qurbani). When waqif wants to perform livestock waqf, the sires become the staple of the waqf. The sires will be bred thoroughly in Lumbung Ternak Masyarakat/LTM (Community-based Livestock Barn), a community coached by Aksi Cepat Tanggap in some regions in Indonesia. Thus, results of the breeding can be utilized for greater goods, such as qurbani.

Offsprings of waqf livestock can be utilized as livestock for poorer people who wish to perform qurbani. Thus, besides receiving ever-flowing rewards, waqif can also send others joy with qurbani.

With convenience in performing qurbani, Global Qurban-Aksi Cepat Tanggap believes, Indonesians can be more enthusiastic to perform qurban and share with the others. Insha Allah, the benefits will sustain and multiply. While beneficiaries are joyful with the aid they receive, Indonesia’s name once again wave as the nation with never-ending spirit of sharing. []


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