Covid-19 Affects Lilis’ Nasi Uduk Business

Lilis Setiawati now works by herself to keep her nasi uduk stall in front of her house. The business was started by Lilis and her late mother. She was once helped by an employee which then had to be laid off due to the pandemic that affects her income.

Lilis’ nasi uduk stall opens from sunset until before midnight.
Lilis’ nasi uduk stall opens from sunset until before midnight. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG Lilis started her nasi uduk business ten years ago. With a display case and cooking utensils, she peddles the nasi uduk Betawi in front of her house, complete with fried snacks and various soft drinks.

"Long time ago, my late mother and I started this business which opens from sunset until before midnight. Alhamdulillah, I sell my nasi uduk well and can increase my family income as well," said Lilis at her home in Sirih Hamlet, Kamasan Village, Cinangka District, Serang Regency, Sunday (6/20/2021).

After her mother passed away a few years ago, Lilis continued to sell nasi uduk with the help of one employee. Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, her sales have decreased until Lilis was forced to lay off her employee.

"Sales are decreasing day by day. I used to sell twenty liters of rice each night, now it's only six liters and it really affects my income," said Lilis.

Since the pandemic, Lilis has been running the business she started with her mother by herself. Even without anyone's help, Lilis continues to keep her business. She hopes for her small stall to be able to survive and even grow despite the pandemic.

Business capital assistance

Lilis' business, which was initiated many years ago, is currently facing difficulties due to the pandemic. Responding to the situation, Global Wakaf-ACT through the management of waqf funds called Waqf for MSMEs Program, provided capital assistance for Lilis to increase her business capacity to revive her business.

"The Waqf for MSMEs is initiated by Global Wakaf to increase the capacity of small and micro-scale businesses through waqf funds sourced funding. This capital will be rotated and continue to be provided for other business owners throughout the country," explained Sukma from the Global Waqf Program-ACT Banten team.[]