Covid-19 Drastically Cuts the Income of Small Businesses in Tanah Abang

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reduced the income of small-business owners in Tanah Abang Market, making even more difficult for them to make ends meet.

Sri Mulyani serves buyers at her shop in the Tanah Abang Market area, Central Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Sri Mulyani is worried about the impact of the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) that was reinstated by the Jakarta provincial government. During the first phase of the PSBB, her income decreased as a few people came to her stall to buy food.  

From her food stall, Sri Mulyani used to make around IDR 800,000 a day. Sadly, since the PSBB, her income has decreased up to IDR 300,000 to 250,000 a day.

“My income drops dramatically. Sometimes, the money that I make every day is not enough for the next day’s capital,” said Sri when ACTNews met her in Block B of Tanah Abang Market, Saturday (9/19).

She added, her income decreases because outdoor activities have been restricted by the PSBB policy. During the first PSBB, there were no visitors in Tanah Abang Market while in fact the visitors of Tanah Abang Market are her main customers. People living around Tanah Abang market also rarely visited her stall for fear of contracting Covid-19.

The decrease in sales is also experienced by Fitriyah who sells clothes in Tanah Abang Market. Once, she was forced to close her shop because he had no buyers. “I also don’t earn much from selling online. I sell two pieces of cloth a day. Sometimes there aren’t even any buyers,” admitted Fitriyah.

Fitriyah is three months in arrears with her rent. Sadly, her needs have been increasing as she now also needs to pay for data plan for her children’s learning from home.

"I really hope that the pandemic will end soon so that everything will be back to normal,” said Fitriyah when ACTNews interviewed him at the Fatahillah Mosque of Tanah Abang Market, Saturday (9/21).

On that Saturday, ACTNews met with Sri and Fitriyah during the launching of the Food Alms Gathering Point at Fatahillah Mosque as part of Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s National Movement for Food Alms Gathering.

ACT Central Jakarta Branch Manager Rimanda Putra said, through the Food Alms Shelves at Fatahillah Mosque, people who are in need can take whatever they want from the available free food.

"This Food Alms Shelf is an ACT’s effort to increase the awareness of the community to help one another in these difficult times. Everyone can play an active role in helping one another. ACT facilitates everyone who is willing to contribute through the Indonesia Dermawan website make it easier for the community to donate. Their donations will be used to fund various humanitarian programs, "concluded Rimanda. []