Da’wah Struggle in Cilincing Fishing Village

Ustaz Masrur was concerned about the fishermen’s children who were lacking religious knowledge. Moreover, the children’s parents are always busy fishing and working at the fish auction.

Ustaz Masrur.
Ustaz Masrur (47) walks to go to Al Karomah Mosque in Cilincing Fishing Village, North Jakarta. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – That evening, a man with a sarong and a black skullcap was walking passing fishermen who were mooring their boats. He walked slowly and carefully passing through piles of plastic waste carried by the waves. He stopped at Al Karomah Mosque which is right on the beach. Apparently, a dozen children have been waiting for this man while carrying their Iqra books and the Quran.

That man is Ustaz Masrur (47), a preacher who has been preaching in Cilincing Fishing Village since 2017. That evening, Ustaz Masrur was about to teach his students, starting from teaching the Quran and Fiqh.