Darto Frequently Skips Meals Due to Uncertain Farm Yields

With three children to support, Darto can’t rely solely on farming because of uncertain yields. When the yields are low, Darto skips his meals so that he has enough money for his children.

Darto in front of his rice field. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PONOROGO – Since his wife passed away five years ago, Darto supports his two children and a cousin who lives with him all by himself. They live in Semanding Village in Ponorogo. Darto’s children are still at school.  

For now, Darto has enough money to support his family. Since the pandemic broke out, schools have been closed. Hence, the money that is supposed to be used to pay for his children’s tuition fees can be saved for other needs.

"It is barely enough. Usually, we eat only once a day; sometimes we don’t eat at all because I use the money for the children’s education. That’s why I have appealed for assistance to the village government, but I haven’t received any,” said Darto who was a migrant worker in 2001.

When it comes to income, Darto said the yields from farming his own farm are not enough to support his family because it takes a long period to harvest. "I make around IDR 600,000 to IDR 700,000 in one harvest season, and it has to be enough for three months,” he said. To make extra income, he also works as a farmer on his neighbor’s farm. “In one harvest, I can earn up to IDR 1.8 million," he said on Sunday (1/31/2021).

In addition, Darto also tends his neighbor’s cattle. "I take care of my neighbor’s cattle. We share the profit. I will earn half of the money from selling the cattle. It will be a hefty sum of money. I can also use the manure to fertilize the crop. The cattle have produced offspring,” said Darto.

Darto expressed his hopes and enthusiasm for Global Wakaf - ACT who visited his house, especially after he was told about the Productive Rice Field Waqf that will empower them.

"Hopefully, with this program, my rice production will increase. The proceeds from my farming can help cover my children's school fees. I feel that this program from Global Wakaf - ACT is very beneficial for me. My rice fields are improved compared to before receiving assistance,” said Darto.

Productive Rice Field Waqf is also currently one of the main programs that are part of the National Food Alms Movement that serves to strengthen the country's food sovereignty. Productive Rice Field Waqf aims to support farmers so that they can produce rice to be used in humanitarian programs. []