Darussalam Mosque for Muslim Converts in Makula Inaugurated

Darussalam Mosque for Muslim converts in Makula was crowdfunded through Kitabisa.com in collaboration with ACT. The crowdfunding began in January 2019.

The inauguration was attended by the representatives of the local government, local communities, and volunteers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PINRANG - After going through a fairly long stage of the construction process, finally a new mosque for the Muslims in Makula Hamlet, Betteng Village, Lembang Subistrict, Pinrang Regency was officially opened. The worshippers used the mosque for the first time on Sunday (1/26).

The mosque, which is named Darussalam Mosque, was crowdfunded by the community through Kitabisa.com in collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). The construction was done independently by the local residents. Dozens of volunteers also took part in the construction process. They took turns coming to the village in the remote area of South Sulawesi located 1,200 meters above sea level.

The inauguration ceremony of the Darussalam Mosque was attended by the Regent of Pinrang, represented by Assistant I Government and People's Welfare, Lembang Police Chief, Lembang Sub-District Head, Babinsa, religious leaders, local traditional leaders, and hundreds of volunteers from various regions in South Sulawesi.

In his speech, Aswadi, Assistant 1 of Government and People's Welfare, on behalf of the Government of Pinrang Regency, expressed his gratitude to the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) - ACT South Sulawesi for the public work that has been carried out. He also hoped that, after the construction of the mosque, people will frequently go to the mosque.

Children of the Muslim converts reciting verses from the Quran during the inauguration ceremony. (ACTNews)

Meanwhile, Syahrul Mubaraq, the ACT’s regional head for East Indonesia, expressed his gratitude to the government for its support for MRI South Sulawesi’s voluntary work. He also emphasized ACT's commitment to assist the people, especially the residents of Makula who are still in need of religious guidance.

"Insha Allah, we will continue to assist our brothers and sisters in the village of Makula in the future. So far, we have also held several humanitarian programs in the Makula Hamlet. In 2019, for example, the qurbani meat from the benefactors from Global Qurban - ACT reached our brothers and sisters here," said Syahrul.

Since last year, MRI-ACT has provided assistance to dozens Makula Villagers. Volunteers from various regions of South Sulawesi have been teaching local Makula Villagers to make ablution, performing obligatory prayers, and reading the Quran. The fundraising for the construction of Darussalam Mosque began in January 2019. []