Dedi Divides His Time Between Selling Grass Jelly, Community Work, and Practicing Islamic Exorcism

Besides selling grass jelly dessert, Dedi Kusnadi (47) also spends his time serving the community as a preacher. He takes care of a nearby mosque as well as teaches in Islamic classes. In addition, he also performs Islamic exorcism to heal people who need it.

Dedi sells grass jelly dessert using a yoke to carry his goods. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIMAHI CITY – Not many people want to set aside some of their time for the community while they themselves are busy hustling. Dedi Kusnadi (47) is one of these rare individuals who are willing to work not only to support their families but also for the benefit of their surrounding community.

Dedi lives in Leuwigajah Village in Cimahi City. He works as a grass jelly peddler. Every day, he carries up to forty kilograms of grass jelly using a yoke. Every time he passes through a crowded area, he stops to wait for buyers. During hot days, he will have a lot of customers. When it is rainy, he will only be able to sell a few cups of grass jelly drinks.

“Our sustenance is all written. All we have to do is to work to take it,” Dedi said, Monday (3/21/2022).

Besides working as a grass jelly peddler, Dedi spends his time serving the community as an Islamic preacher. He is the chairman of the local mosque board, and he also teaches Islamic classes for kids and weekly classes every Friday.

Also, he often gets a call to perform Islamic exorcism in several cities in West Java. “As for the exorcism, I do it voluntarily without asking for a payment. Just seeing people healed makes me happy,” he said.

Dedi is working to develop his business through Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for MSMEs. He is one of 30 small business owners participating in this program. He hoped that his business will further grow and benefit as many people as possible. []