Dedi Supports Family Needs from Teaching and Sewing

A madrasa teacher who has been teaching for around seven years now uses the sewing business as a source of income to meet their daily necessities.

Every six months of teaching, Dedi gets a salary of IDR 1.2 million. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTHWEST ACEH REGENCY – Dedi's hands appear to be accustomed to using the sewing machine. On Saturday (2/12/2022), he was proficient at working on orders one by one at his home table in Drien Berumbang Village, Kuala Batee District, Southwest Aceh.

Amid the roaring sound of the sewing machine, Dedi would periodically explain his other profession, namely an honorary teacher. "Becoming an honorary teacher took approximately seven years. Right now, I am teaching at a madrasa near this village," Dedi explained.

Dedi is aware of the disadvantages of working as an honorary teacher, particularly the insecurity of income. He earns IDR 1.2 million every six months of teaching. Dedi is unconcerned since he enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students.

"Therefore, I supplement my income with sewing labor to meet my daily necessities. Alhamdulillah, in addition to my teacher's salary, I can cover the necessities of my family," Dedi remarked.

Nonetheless, Dedi remains optimistic that the situation of honorary teachers will improve. More people will be concerned about their plight. Global Zakat-ACT Aceh Barat Daya also supported Dedi's struggle by providing a food package that day.

Apart from Dedi, Global Zakat-ACT Southwest Aceh also distributed the aid to sixteen other teachers. "We have a wide range of beneficiaries, from public school teachers to teachers at Islamic boarding schools. Indra Mudaris of the Global Zakat-ACT Program Team in Southwest Aceh anticipated that with this program, "we will fire their passion, as well as the spirit of the benefactors, to support the fight of the educators in this country." []