Dedication of Namira's Family to Maintain and Manage Mosque

The dedication of Ustazah Namira's family to maintain and prosper the mosque has never been loose. For Ustazah Namira, Allah gives more wealth by taking care of the mosque.

Uztazah Namira
Uztazah Namira teaches the Quran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PALEMBANG – The family of Ustazah Namira (38) has been serving the Jamiatul Islamiyyah Mosque for 18 years. The mosque is in the 20 Ilir D. III area, Ilir Timur I District, Palembang City. Her husband is the head of Mosque Prosperity Council, and Ustazah Namira is a Quran teacher for the children.

Mosque Prosperity Council allowed Ustazah Namira's family to live in one of the rooms in the mosque. It is enough to relieve Ustazah Namira's family because they do not have a place to live.

“Mosque Prosperity Council gives each of us IDR 350 thousand per month. The total income from the mosque is IDR 700 thousand for both of us," said Ustazah Namira when ACT Palembang team met to deliver financial assistance for dedicated underprivileged preachers, Wednesday (8/25/2021).

Ustazah Namira feels that her income is sufficient. For her, the mosque has given more than her salary. According to Ustazah Namira, now she and her husband can send their children to school thanks to their dedication to caring for the mosque.

“For others, it may not be enough. However, Allah is the giver of wealth. My children can go to school. We do not lack food, are healthy, can sleep comfortably, and have a place to live,” she explained.

Aditya Marsello from ACT Palembang team says that there are many dedicated preachers in the village throughout Indonesia devoting their lives to teaching the Quran, maintaining mosques, and spreading Islam for free.

“They are heroes for the spread of Islam. To support their struggle, Global Zakat-ACT through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers (SDI) program consistently provides living expenses and food packages," he said.[]