Delivering Aid to Densely Populated Camp in Gaza

ACT distributed hundreds of staple food packages through the Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) program to Camp Alnussirat in the central part of the Gaza Strip last Tuesday (6/16). The inhabitants of the camp live in a crowded environment with all its problems.

Delivering Aid to Densely Populated Camp in Gaza' photo
ACT volunteers walked in the middle of Alnussirate Camp, about to deliver a food package. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - People in Alnussirate Camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip smiled upon the arrival of the staple food packages last Tuesday (6/16).

"Alhamdulillah, we have distributed hundreds of staple food packages to survivors of the humanitarian crisis in the central Gaza region, namely in Alnussirate, through the Indonesian Humanitarian Center (IHC) program," said Said Al Mukakffiy of the Global Humanity Response (GHR) Team - ACT.

The density and lack of living space characterizes the Alnussirate Camp. This shelter for 80,194 people was built with tight meetings and lack of recreational and social space. Thus if you view the official website of the United Nations Employment and Recovery Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

In many cases, residents build an additional level at their shelter to accommodate the family. However, the levels they build can be said to be unfit for habitation. This condition is also seen in other refugee camps, the water situation in Alnussirate Camp is also worrying, both in terms of quality and quantity.

A child holds a package from ACT through the IHC Program. (ACTNews)

The blockade in Gaza, which has lasted more than a decade, has also made life increasingly difficult for almost all refugees in the camp. Of the many human populations in Camp Alnussirate, only a few families can meet their own needs. The majority depend on food aid and cash. This is indicated by high unemployment and poverty. It was they who were then targeted by ACT in the distribution of this food aid.

"In the distribution of food package assistance this time, we are targeting poor families, families of fishermen, and people with disabilities. Hopefully this assistance can be useful to support their struggle and life, "Said Said.

Population density in Alnussirate Camp also caused another problem, when a fire burned one of the bakeries there. Reporting from ANTARA, at least 10 people, including six children, were killed on Thursday (5/3), according to local health officials.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, around 60 other people were injured in the fire and 14 of them are in critical condition. Witnesses said they heard the explosion that came from the bakery in Camp Alnussirate before the fire burned the bakery and spread quickly to shops, factories and car parks nearby along the road. []