Delivering Quality Qurbani to the Syrian Border

On the Turkey-Syria border, hundreds of thousands of people living in crammed refugee tents celebrated Eid Al-Adha with simplicity. That day, they did not expect to receive qurbani meat from Indonesia, a country located very far away from where they are.

Syrian children in A’zaz received qurbani meat on Eid Al-Adha 1440 AH. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, A’ZAZ, REYHANLI - Ahmed Abbas (36) never really knew where Indonesia was. He only knew that the country with the largest Muslim population was a country of generous people. Ahmed received qurbani packages from Global Qurban - ACT volunteers who distributing qurbani meat at his hometown of A’zaz, Aleppo, Syria.

As a construction worker, Ahmed only earns a meager income. Food and basic supplies have been scarce and expensive. Additionally, his hometown has also been the place for many IDP seeking refuge from the raging war.

"Finally I can serve nutritious food for my family. Since the price of meat skyrocketed in this region, I can no longer provide meat for my family," the father of five children told ACT volunteers in August 2019.

A’zaz is only five kilometers away from the Syria-Turkey border crossing of Bab al-Salama. This city is a destination for thousands of IDP from various neighboring cities, living in a number of camps across the city.

Wisam Badawi, an ACT volunteer for the qurbani distribution at A’zaz last year said that, although it’s relatively safe, A’zaz have frequently been targeted by attacks, destroying homes and schools. The economy is collapsing, and many people have been unable to meet basic needs, let alone qurbani meat.

"The qurbani from Indonesia certainly means so much. Not only provides food, but the qurbani distribution also is a form of support,” Wisam said. Two thousand families in A’zaz benefitted from the qurbani distribution by Wisam and his team of volunteers.

In addition to A’zaz, the qurbani from Indonesia also reached the city of Reyhanli in Hatay, Turkey. Located close to Syria, many Syrian refugees have sought safety in this city.

Fatih Gumus, a Global Qurban – ACT partner, said that people of Reyhanli live in difficult conditions. Most of those who live in Reyhanli earn very low income. Many of the refugees in the area also live in similar condition.

"Therefore, if we go to Reyhanli, we will find refugees living in semi-permanent houses, carts or tarpaulins, and places that are not suitable for living," said Fatih.

Fatih added, qurbani meat is a very significant gift at the time of Eid because, in the current condition, not everyone can perform qurbani. "We hope that the generous benefactors can return to support us with the best sacrificial meat at the time of Eid Al-Adha," hoped Fatih. []