Delivering Qurbani Happiness to the Drought-Prone Ethiopia

Ethiopia has frequently been hit by droughts that often lead to food insecurity. Since 2018, ACT has reached Ethiopia to distribute qurbani from Global Qurban – ACT to the poor and needy.

Distribution of sacrificial meat from Global Qurban - ACT for the Ethiopians. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KERSA DULA - Ethiopia is an African country that has been riddled with drought and hunger. In 2017, the drought that hit Ethiopia led to 7 million people suffering from starvation.

In 2018, Global Qurban – ACT began reaching Ethiopia to deliver qurbani animals as an effort to support the locals amid the hunger that had been threatening them. In Kersa Dula, Ethiopia, 100 families benefitted from the qurbani distribution.

According to Abdulkadir Mah from Global Qurban - ACT team in Ethiopia, the drought has forced the local population to flee to other areas. Due to lack of water, crop failure and livestock deaths are very common "In Ethiopia, conflicts among different ethnic groups often break out and detriment the situation,” Abdulkadir said in August 2019.

Women and children are the most vulnerable victims of the conflicts and drought. As Abdulkadir added, most children in Kersa Dula are malnourished. They need assistance to strengthen their food security.

For the upcoming Eid Al-Adha 2020, Global Qurban - ACT plans to visit several African countries, including Ethiopia as an effort to ease the hardships faced by the residents of countries riddled with conflicts and drought. []