Delivering Qurbani Meat to the Remote Area in East Manggarai

To get to Sambi Rampas Subdistrict of East Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, the team had to go through a long, rocky road for hours. In Golong Awan and Buntang Villages, the qurbani meat was distributed.

Delivering Qurbani Meat to the Remote Area in East Manggarai' photo

ACTNews, MANGGARAI TIMUR - Sambi Rampas Subdistrict is located on a highland over 100 kilometers from the Capital City of East Manggarai Regency: Borong Subdistrict. To get to the village, the team had to go through a rocky and winding road. The driver who drove our car often sounded the horn, a sign that we were going to pass. On the way to Sambi Rampas Subdistrict, the road that was quite narrow. Every passing vehicle must take turns because of the cliff located just beside the road.

Most villages in Sambi Rampas have no electricity. The residents buy solar panels that can usually only be used for two years. In fact, to buy beef, the residents must go down the mountain to the city.

"It's nice to get some beef," said Marifa Ilim (50), a resident of Golong Awan Village. According to Marifa, not all residents can enjoy meat. They usually enjoy it only during parties. Receiving the meat, Marifa prepared to serve the qurbani meat dishes for her family.

Similar gratitude was also expressed by Abdul Rahim Naim, one of the Muslim preachers from East Java who has been serving in Buntang Village of Sambi Rampas Subdistrict for a decade. According to Abdul, Global Qurban’s qurbani became one of the ways to warm situation in Buntang Village. "Alhamdulillah, the Muslims here live in harmony with other religious communities," he said.

The harmony between the people was seen when the qurbani sacrifice was done on that day. Not only Muslims, Christian residents also help the distribution of the qurbani animals. The inter-communal harmony in the village of Buntang is very much reflected in the houses of worship that were established side by side. In fact, every afternoon, after returning from their Quran classes, the children of the village often play in the front of the church. "Here, coexist harmoniously," Naim concluded. []