Delivering the Joy of Ramadan 1439 AH to the Borderlines

Delivering the Joy of Ramadan 1439 AH to the Borderlines

ACTNews, SANGGAU - June 2018, dusty roads accompanied the delivery of thousands of food packages carried by trucks to a village on Indonesia-Malaysia border, which is Entikong, in Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan. The Food packages for Ramadan would be delivered to the village where most of the residents travel back and forth to the neighboring country, Malaysia.

For instance, Dayang Zahra (53), or better known as Dara, would travel to a market on the Malaysian Administrative region to buy her daily needs. Moreover, every month, Dara went to Serian, Malaysia, to work--and occasionally went back home to Entikong to visit her families.

“I often visit Malaysia, as it is not too far. It only takes thirty minutes from Entikong to Serian,” said Dara to Global Zakat-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Team on June 2018, when the team visited her residence in Entikong.

In Malaysia, specifically in Serian, Dara worked. She worked as a shopkeeper for a small coffee shop owned by her family that resided in Malaysia. She was paid 20 Ringgit per day, or equal to 70,000 Rupiah. The small amount of money she earned often left her unable to fulfill her family daily needs. As a result, her one and only child had to work as a porter on the border.

In the middle of June, Dara went back home to Entikong. It had been a week since she went home from Serian to welcome Eid al-Fitr with her families in Indonesia. On Sunday (17/6/2018), Global Zakat-ACT visited her residence to deliver the food packages from Paket Pangan Ramadan untuk Masyarakat Penjaga Negeri (PPR-MPN).