Delivering Waqf Quran Copies to Children Disaster Survivors at Pasir Eurih Shelter

The limited facilities after the floods and landslides in 2020 do not break the enthusiasm of dozens of children in the Pasir Eurih shelter, Cileuksa Village, Bogor Regency to study Islam. They still reciting Quran despite difficulties.

Children in Cileuksa
The assembly educates 61 children disaster survivors in a 4 by 3 meter shelter with a zinc roof. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Floods and landslides in early 2020, paralyzed various activities in Cileuksa Village, Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency, including Quran Recitation Assembly for children. At the beginning of the disaster, Ustaz Encep, one of the Muslim preachers in Cileuksa Village, was concerned because previously, the children were so enthusiastic about learning Quran.

Ustaz Encep decided to establish Al Basri Orphan and Poor Quran Assembly in the Temporary Residential Pasir Eurih. The assembly is now educating 61 children disaster survivors living in a 4 by 3 meter shelter with a zinc roof. 

“The Quran recitation here is divided into two sessions. The first session we hold after Asr prayer and the second session is after Maghrib prayer," explained Ustaz Encep when met by Global Wakaf-ACT Bogor Regency Team, Sunday (9/12/2021).

The facilities they have in the shelters are not as complete as other assemblies. They only have four Iqras (Arabic letter textbook) and seven Qurans. Children use these Quran copies interchangeably even then the condition is not good.

Ustaz Encep (right) runs  Al Basri Orphan and Poor Quran Assembly because of his concern to see children's recitation activities stop after the disaster. (ACTNews)

Children study for free. Sometimes, Ustaz Encep has to finance this assembly with his money. Ustaz Encep pays the electricity from his income as a farmer.

Once, Ustaz Encep asked about Quran copy assistance to Global Waqf-ACT Team. Global Waqf-ACT immediately supported Ustaz Encep's struggle by providing dozens of Quran copies for the Al Basri Assembly.

“Alhamdulillah, Global Wakaf-ACT was quick to help. Last week, I asked for the Quran copy assistance. Now, it’s already sent. Hopefully, the provided Quran will become a reward, and every recited verse will expiate sins of all donors and volunteers," said Ustaz Encep.

Global Waqf-ACT has indeed been with the survivors in Cileuksa Village since the disaster occurred in early 2020 until now. Global Wakaf-ACT also often distributes Waqf Rice, Waqf Drinking Water, and other aid packages. Hopefully, this assistance can meet the needs of the residents in the shelters and speed up their recovery. []