Delivering Waqf Rice From Humanity Rice Truck to 600 People in Bandung

ACT’s humanitarian vehicles never stop delivering goods from the community’s kindness. In Baleendah, Bandung, hundreds of Waqf Rice packages were distributed to hundreds of people.

Handover of Waqf Rice brought by Humanity Rice Truck to Baleendah, Bandung.
Handover of Waqf Rice brought by Humanity Rice Truck to Baleendah, Bandung. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – During Ramadan, ACT’s humanitarian vehicle continues to carry out humanitarian actions. Many cities have been visited, and a thousand people have also been met to be given the best alms from the community. This time, Thursday (5/6/2021), the Humanity Rice Truck visited Baleendah, Bandung Regency. The truck, which is capable of carrying a large amount of rice, collaborated with Mouza Indonesia, SBZ Ziswaf BJB Syariah, Halim Quran, and Tookootri to deliver free rice packages.

The distribution location was in the Baleendah apartment unit. A total of 600 packages of Waqf Rice were distributed to underprivileged people and students at the Al Kautsar Tahfidz Islamic Boarding School in Pacet District, Bandung Regency. This rice distribution was opened directly by the Deputy Regent of Bandung, Sahrul Gunawan, witnessed by the Head of the Bandung Regency Social Service, Head of Baleendah District, and other Head of Districts.

"This Humanity Rice Truck is an inspiration to me. The local government must be able to cooperate more with partners, one of which is ACT. Hopefully, it will be sustainable. I am very pleased with the enthusiasm of the Baleendah residents, ”said Sahrul.

The beneficiaries were given a package of rice by tapping RFID cards on the devices on the sides of the Humanity Rice Truck. The machine will then dispense a certain amount of rice for the residents to take home. Sahrul also appreciated this technology and hoped that the rice obtained would be able to meet food needs for the next few days.

Mega Ayunda, a representative of BJB Syariah expressed her gratitude for the collaboration with ACT which brought benefits to the community. “Thank you for the welcome and the enthusiasm of the residents. I hope this assistance can be useful for all beneficiaries,” she said.

During Ramadan, together with ACT Bandung, ACT's humanitarian vehicle has reached approximately 12 districts throughout Greater Bandung. Food, which is the main aid, is distributed to thousands of people. Until the end of Ramadan and the following days, these acts of kindness will continue. []