Denisa Wants to be a Doctor

Born in an impoverished family doesn’t dampen Denisa’s dream to be a doctor. In her six years old, Denisa always learns diligently and gets achievements. In addition, Denisa also has to accompany her father to look for junk items to make a living.

ACT Scholarship.
ACT team meets Denisa (middle) who is accompanying her father to work. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDOARJO – Denisa is only six years old, but she has to follow her father to work until late at night. Her father, Nur, is a junk collector in Sidoarjo who has to resell his collected junk again later. Meanwhile, Denisa’s mother had passed away last year.

Previously, Denisa and her father lived in a shabby hut not far from the railroads. There was only one room that contains a mattress and their daily necessities. Oftentimes, there was a pungent odor that came from the collected junk. Actually, Denisa has two younger siblings, but they don't live together as they are entrusted to her uncle in Jember.

While accompanying her father and living in many limitations, Denisa continues to study diligently. Currently, Denisa becomes one of the student achievement in her elementary school.

“I want to be a doctor to heal many people,” said Denisa to ACT team.

Amid Denisa's enthusiasm for learning, Nur, Denisa's father, has his own concern. He is afraid that the cost of his child's tuition will not be sufficient. Moreover, during this pandemic, his collected junk is not as much as before. Not to mention that Nur also has to send money to Denisa's siblings in Jember. Denisa doesn't even have a birth certificate that makes it difficult to seek assistance, even almost made Denisa unable to continue her education.

"I still want to take Denisa to the highest school level," hoped Nur.

Responding to the situation, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has delivered assistance to support Denisa’s education. Jamal Azromi from ACT Sidoarjo said that Denisa’s school tuition and school uniform fees have been paid off by submitted donations from the benefactors to ACT. In addition, instead of a junk collection area, Denisa and her father now live in a more comfortable boarding house.

"Every child of the nation has the right to get a proper education since they are all the nation’s next-generation," said Jamal.[]