Despite Rainy Season, Serut Villagers Still Have Difficulty Getting Clean Water

In the advent of rainy season, the people of Kayoman Hamlet still have trouble getting clean water. Water crisis has been a prevalent problem in the area for decades because the village does not have a well deep enough to provide clean water during dry and rainy season.

Sisri, one of the residents who was fetching water from the nearest spring. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – In Kayoman Hamlet, Serut Village, Gedangsari District, Gunungkidul, the locals are having difficulties getting clean water both in dry and rainy season. Water crisis has been a prevalent problem for decades because the village does not have a water source that is adequate to provide water during the dry and and rainy season.

Sisri, a local resident that has lived in the village for over 50 years told ACTNews that she takes water 5 to 6 times a day to the nearest spring using a barrel and a jerry can.

During the dry season, getting clean water becomes increasingly more difficult because the spring from which the locals take water usually dry up. The nearest well is located 1 kilometer away from the neighborhood. The locals usually go on foot to queue for clean water before dawn.

Tugiyo, a local resident, fetches water from the spring every day. (ACTNews)

Tugiyo, a local villager, told ACTNews how he queues for water at 2 a.m. amidst the darkness of the night. "Yes, it’s quite scary to go out at night, but I have to do it for clean water. I am afraid of nocturnal beasts that may show up like snakes or others that can attack suddenly without me seeing,” said Tugiyo.

Aside from taking water from nearest spring and well, there’s also another way of getting clean water, namely buying from the water truck. Sadly, the price of clean water at IDR 300,000 for a tank is unaffordable for the local villagers. "We barely have enough for food, let alone for clean water," said Tugiyo.

For this reason, Global Wakaf - ACT plans to build a Waqf Well in Kayoman Hamlet. "Insha Allah, it will be very beneficial for Kayoman residents. It will also bring rewards for the waqf endowers. You can also contribute to this project by donating through BNI Syariah bank account at 1010000171. You can also donate by visiting Indonesia Dermawan website,” asked Kharis Pradana, Global Wakaf Program - ACT Yogyakarta program coordinator. []