Distributing Food Packages and Sarongs to Puncak Landslide Victims

Distributing Food Packages and Sarongs to Puncak Landslide Victims

ACTNews, BOGOR – ACT distributed humanitarian aid to the landslide victims in Puncak, Bogor District, on Thursday (8/2). The aid in the form of food and logistics targeted four locations that were worst afflicted by the landslide last Monday (5/2). These four locations are in Cisarua and Ciawi sub-district.

Dian Faridi, an MRI-ACT field volunteer, said that many victims in Cisuren and Naringul village in Cisarua were displaced. Therefore, they are in need of food and clothes donation.

“Currently, there are 50 people who were evacuated in that village. Moreover, many villagers were also evacuated, especially in Cisuren and Naringul village in Cisarua Sub-district. They’re in need of food,” explained Dian on Wednesday (14/2).

Meanwhile, in Babakan and Caringin Village in Ciawi Sub-district, the landslide damaged several houses. Although no one was evacuated, the impact of the landslide was significantly felt by the villagers.

Hence, Dian and other MRI-ACT volunteers moved to these four villages. No less than 200 kilograms of rice and snacks was distributed to the landslide victims.

“We also distributed 150 sarongs for them, to protect them from the cold weather. In total, 174 people received this aid. They were spread in Cisuren, Naringul, Caringin and Babakan Village,” explained Andre Heru Pramana, an MRI-ACT volunteers who was dispatched to the landslide location.


The distribution of the aid for the landslide victims in Puncak, Bogor regency, is simultaneous with other disaster response programs in several other areas. Since early February, ACT’s Emergency Response Teams, together with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) have been dispatched to several flood and landslide locations in Indonesia, including Jabodetabek and several locations in Central Java.

Responding to the high frequency of flood and landslides in Indonesia, ACT’s Emergency Response teams have been put on standby in several disaster locations. Emergency responses to the flood and landslide victims have been ACT’s efforts to keep helping the people of Indonesia. We won’t stop helping those who are far away, let alone those who are near from us. []            


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