Distributing Qurbani Meat to Cheer Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Not only affecting the Lebanese people, but the economic crisis also affected the Palestinian and Syrian refugees who live there.

Qurbani meat
Illustration. Refugees in Lebanon receive Qurbani meat from Global Qurban ACT Global Qurban in 2020. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LEBANON – Lebanon is experiencing a severe economic crisis. The price of a kilogram of rice, which did not exceed LBP 3,000 (two dollars based on the official exchange rate of LBP 1,515 per dollar) now exceeds LBP 8,000, while a kilo of lentils - which is called food for the poor - reached LBP 15,000. The price of 5 liters of cooking oil was around LBP 18,000 to increase by seven times, reaching LBP 90,000, as merchants applied the black market exchange rate of LBP 13,000 per dollar.

Not only affects the Lebanese people, but the economic crisis also affects the Palestinian and Syrian refugees who live there. In the Bekaa region, there are about 200,000 Syrian and Palestinian refugees. They had previously found work but were terminated.

"Lebanese people are already having difficulties meeting their food needs. The situation is more difficult for the refugees," said Andi Noor Faradiba from ACT's Global Humanity Response team, Wednesday (6/30/2021).

For their daily food needs, many refugees depend only on humanitarian assistance from outside Lebanon. If they don't get food aid on that day, then they don't eat all day.

Global Qurban-ACT has designated Lebanon as one of the target countries for Qurbani distribution every year. With the best quality Qurbani meat, hopefully, the food crisis in Lebanon can be reduced.

In 2020, the meat of the Qurbani animals slaughtered in Lebanon was delivered to thousands of refugees. In 2018, the distribution of Qurbani animals was carried out in Arsal City, a city in Lebanon that borders Syria.

In the city of Arsal, many Syrian refugee women and children live in the camps. On Eid-ul Adha, hundreds of refugees tasted the delicious Qurbani meat given by Generous Friends. They hope they will receive Qurbani meat again.[]