Double Benefits of Being a Qurbani Agent

The benefits of being a Qurbani Agent of Global Qurban-ACT are multiplied, both ukhrawi (Islamic religious) and in real life. The good deeds done will also benefit many people in Indonesia and abroad.

Qurbani agent.
Arif, a Qurbani agent, offers Qurbani animals to prospective Qurbani benefactors. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Approaching Eid ul-Adha 2021, Global Qurban-ACT again invites the public to be good ambassadors by becoming Qurbani Agents through Relawan Filantropi Indonesian (RFI). The Qurbani Agents will become a bridge that connects and spreads various actions and values ​​of the community's generosity in Qurbani.

The benefits of being a Qurbani Agent of Global Qurban-ACT are also multiplied, both ukhrawi (Islamic religious) and in real life. RFI Coordinator Arizan Setiawan explained in ukhrawi, the Qurbani Agents will become the spreaders of goodness that can be a provision for life after the world. In addition, a Qurbani Agent can be a forum for expanding the network.

“Not only spreading the kindness of Qurbani, but the Qurbani Agent will also get financial benefits from all philanthropic activities," said Arizan, Sunday (6/6/2021).

Arizan continued the goodness spread by the Qurbani Agent will be felt by the wider community, not only in Indonesia but also abroad. In 2021, Global Qurban-ACT will again channel the Qurbani of the Indonesians to foreign countries, especially those afflicted with conflicts and resource crises in countries such as  Palestine, Yemen, Rohingya, African countries, and other countries that have large numbers of underprivileged people. 

"In addition to being distributed throughout Indonesia, Qurbani animals from the community will also be distributed abroad. Hence, many people will feel the benefits, and this is also the fruit of the efforts of the Qurbani Agents," added Arizan.

For this reason, Arizan invites people who have the desire to become good ambassadors as Qurbani agents. Registration can be done through the official RFI website.[]