Dozens of Muslim Students in Lhokseumawe Receive Quran Copies from Generous Benefactors

Dozens of Qur’an copies were distributed to a number of dayahs or Islamic boarding schools in Lhokseumawe City to facilitate students to learn the Qur’an, especially those who are underprivileged.

quran copies
Through the waqf or Quran copies, hopefully, the students can be more enthusiastic in learning the Qur'an. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE – Global Wakaf-ACT distributes dozens of Al-Qur'an copies to dayahs or Islamic boarding schools in Lhokseumawe. The distribution took place from Saturday (8/7/2021) and Tuesday (8/10/2021).

Among the schools that received the Quran waqf were Dayah Al-Aziziyah in Gampong Paloh Dayah, Dayah Babur Rahmah in Gampong Paloh Punti, Darul Jannah Islamic study circle in Gampong Jambo Timu and Dayah Subulussalam in Gampong Cibrek Baroh.

"It is hoped that this Qur'an waqf can help students in learning the religion in the dayahs. We hope that they can be more enthusiastic about reading and memorizing the Qur'an,” said Hidayatullah M. Nasir from Global Wakaf - ACT Program Department.

In addition to learning how to read the Quran properly, the students also learn Arabic so that they can compete in religious events. "Hopefully, this Qur’an copy distribution can help students not only to recite the Quran but also to advance their education,” explained Hidayatullah.

Prior to the distribution, ACT Lhokseumawe made assessments in several dayahs in North Aceh. The team found out that some of these dayahs have only tattered, worn-out Quran copies. In some of these dayahs, the students don’t have their own Quran copies because they can’t afford them. Therefore, Hidayatullah invited the philanthropists to take part in helping their education.

“There are still around 50 dayahs in 6 cities and regencies in North Aceh that we will reach. We also hope that this program can continue to expand so that more students and the community will be helped with the support of all benefactors," said Hidayatullah. []