Dozens of Palestinian Schools in West Bank at Risk of Demolition

If Israel demolishes these schools, the students will have no choice but to walk a long distance to schools located at least 15 kilometers away in an area with limited public transportation and poor infrastructure.

palestine school
Illustration. Palestinian students study in the open because there is no school building. (Reuters/Ammar Award)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – A total of 17 Palestinian schools in West Bank’s Area C are at risk of being demolished by Israel on the pretext of having no building permits. These schools cater to Palestinian children in the area.

If the demolition is carried out, the children will be forced to walk at least 15 kilometers to get to schools in the villages of Ein al-Beida, Tayasir, and Bardala located in an area with limited transportation and poor infrastructure.

Aisha Mahasneh, an official at the Ministry of Education in Tubas, confirmed that some of these schools were funded by the European Union through one of its humanitarian initiatives.

Dubbed Tahadi schools, meaning “challenge” in Arabic, some of them were built in areas designated by Israeli forces as firing and military training zones.

Students often recount the nightmares they have from hearing the sounds of explosions, helicopters, and tanks used during military exercises. They have difficulty concentrating and often want to skip school out of fear that they will cross paths with Israeli soldiers or settlers.

The Palestinians in Area C of West Bank have long lived in constant fear. They often become victims of attacks committed by Israeli settlers and demolitions of homes and public facilities. They have also faced forced displacement on a regular basis. []