Dr. Lidya: Volunteering for Her Birthplace

Dr. Lidya: Volunteering for Her Birthplace

ACTNews, BENGKULU - The ambulance that transported dr. Lidya swayed when the car crossed the barren road with mud, rocks and emergency bridges. The path was still overrun by the flood debris. However, there was no panic shown by Dr. Lidya, as she prayed that the medical assistance for the villagers of Talang Panjang Village, Central Bengkulu Regency could be conducted successfully.

Dr. Lidya volunteered as a medical volunteer for Bengkulu flood, which was coordinated by Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia Jakarta. At that moment, she was 27 week pregnant, but her pregnancy did not discourage her from helping the flood victims.

“After being a temporary employee in North Kalimantan, I was contacted through WhatsApp, ’are there any doctors available to volunteer in Bengkulu area?’ I accepted that request without any hesitation, as Bengkulu is my birthplace,” said dr. Lidya as she explained her life story.

According to dr. Lidya, before volunteering, her own health has to be maintained. As a pregnant mother, she needs to make sure that she is healthy. “Bismillah, I pray that I am healthy, and my baby is active. Everything is normal, that is why I dare myself to volunteer, said the Bengkulu native who stays in Jakarta since her college days.

Before volunteering, she prepared several things such to maintain her health condition, such as consuming healthy food and vitamins. Moreover, she also prayed that her good deed can be done successfully. Dr. Lidya still fasted when she volunteered in Kembang Seri, Central Bengkulu on Monday (5/6).

For dr. Lidya, becoming a medical team volunteer was fulfilling, as she can help people in need. She praised and appreciated the work of every volunteer deployed in Bengkulu. “I salute everyone who volunteered for the victims of Bengkulu flood, who comes from different provinces. They sacrifice everything--time, energy, mind--and have to leave their family for the time being. They are really helpful for the flood victims,” praised dr. Lidya.

She prays that her future children will inherit her hard-working character and will be involved in volunteering activities during their lifetime. Moreover, she personally hopes that she can become volunteer again if there are emergency situations. []