Drought in Three Hamlets Causes Cilacap Residents to Consume Rainwater

Three hamlets in Cilacap including Muara, Karang Sarim, and Pelindukan Hamlets are located in Kampung Laut District. The hamlets are next to the Cilacap beach and port.

Drought in Cilacap.
ACT distributes clean water to residents affected by drought in Cilacap Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CILACAP – Residents in three hamlets of Kampung Laut District, Cilacap Regency, are currently facing drought. The hamlets are located next to the beach where the water tastes salty and unfit to be consumed.

“The residents don’t have clean water access due to the hamlets’ location that is close to the sea. Hence, there is only saline water,” said Tohrin, ACT Cilacap Program Team, Monday (9/6/2021).

Residents in the three hamlets including Muara, Karang Sarim, and Pelindukan Hamlets have to get out of the island to get clean water sources, such as Nusa Kambangan Island that provides adequate clean water. To reach the island, they have to ride a special boat to carry the collected clean water.

The residents have to pay IDR 200 thousand to get clean water by crossing the island. However, the clean water can only last for two weeks, and they have to pay and cross the island again to get clean water.

“It is quite difficult for the residents to spend that much money. Most of them are fishermen with low incomes that aren’t even enough to meet their daily needs," said Tohirin. Sometimes, residents have to collect rainwater to meet their daily water needs.

As initial assistance, Tohirin said that ACT and MRI Banyumas have distributed clean water assistance to the three hamlets, Saturday (9/4/2021).

ALhamdulillah, our two units of water tanks have been deployed to the hamlets affected by drought that benefits the residents,” said Tohirin.[]