During Ramadan, Over 1 Million Souls in 15 Countries Experience the Generosity of Generous Friends

During Ramadan, 1,064,855 people in 15 countries, including Indonesia, trusted Generous Friends by involving 14,510 volunteers in philanthropic programs.

Ramadan ships
Ramadan ships deliver food packages to the people of Aceh’s Islands. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Ramadan 1443 AH has passed. The generosity of the people mandated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has also reached our brothers and sisters at home and abroad.

According to ACT Vice President Dwiko Hari Dastriadi, from April 3, 2022, to May 7, 2022, the kindness of Generous Friends was felt by 1,064,855 people from 155,287 families in 15 countries, including Indonesia, by involving 14,510 volunteers in philanthropic programs.

Various humanitarian programs convey generosity to the beneficiaries. In Indonesia, generosity is shown through the iftar program, suhoor, food packages for the poor, Ramadan food packages, Zakat ul-Fitr (rice and cash), and food packages for preachers.

Food packages for teachers, free Waqf rice, Quran copy assistance, Eid food packages, Humanity Food Trucks, and Humanity Food Buses were also available. In some areas of Indonesia, the ACT team delivered aid through Ramadan Ship.

"During Ramadan, ships transported food packages and iftar or suhoor meals to residents on the outer islands and remote areas where aid has not reached. The Ramadhan ship sailed the river and crossed the ocean in Kalimantan, Sumatra, NTT, and the Riau Islands. It went from one island to another, from one location to another," Dwiko explained on Tuesday (5/10/2022).

Iftar distribution in Somalia. (ACTNews)

"The actions taken were varied. It depended on the needs of our fellow Muslims there, beginning with logistical assistance, construction of Waqf Wells, distribution of clean water through Mobile Water Tanks, ready-to-eat meal assistance for suhoor and iftar, and distribution of Quran Waqf," Dwiko explained.

Dwiko stated that ACT had visited 14 countries during Ramadan for international actions. The Palestinians, internally displaced people (IDPs) from Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, the Rohingya in Myanmar and Bangladesh, the Uighurs in Turkey, and the Muslim minorities in Cambodia were among them.

"Palestine has the greatest number of actions and beneficiaries. In this Ramadan, the people there have faced many challenges, ranging from a lack of clean water, poverty, and numerous attacks by Israeli Zionists in Jerusalem," Dwiko stated.

Students break their fast with iftar meals provided by the donors. (ACTNews)

Humanitarian aid also reached African countries. Somalia, Mali, Kenya, Ghana, and The Gambia were among them. The distribution of Quran copies dominated assistance for the African community.

It is difficult for Muslims there to obtain the Quran. Aside from poverty, the number of Qurans produced is also limited. The distribution of thousands of Quran copies in Africa is hoped to increase Muslim recitation during Ramadan and thus indirectly advance Islamic civilization there.

"We intensify these actions during Ramadan so that fellow Muslims in crisis-affected countries can experience the joy of Ramadan alongside the majority of Muslims in Indonesia. Ramadan is a month full of blessings that should be celebrated joyfully by everyone," he concluded.

Dwiko also encourages generosity during Ramadan to continue after Ramadan. "As Alumni of Ramadan, our worship and generosity must continue even after Ramadan," he concluded. []