During Ramadan, Waqf Well Aids Palestinians Worship in Beit Lahia

Waqf wells are a solution to require clean water for drinking and worship, particularly during Ramadan for people in the area of Al Baraka Mosque in Beit Lahia, north Gaza.

The waqf well
The waqf well's location near the mosque makes it easy for residents to do ablution for prayer during Ramadan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The Gaza Strip has long struggled with a lack of safe drinking water. According to the Palestinian Water Quality and Environment Authority, the depletion of aquifers (soil carrying water) in Gaza has resulted in a catastrophic water crisis. Water contamination is partly a result of Gaza's weak water infrastructure. The water is unsafe for drinking in 98 percent of cases.

Meanwhile, Gazans use only 90 liters of water per day, according to the Global Humanity Network team from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), which is 10 liters less than the World Health Organization's (WHO) standard. Ironically, 80 liters of the 90 liters of water they consume is contaminated groundwater.

These realities prompted Generous Friends to construct Waqf Wells to assist Gazans in resolving their water crisis. ACT Palestine team built a Waqf Well at the Al Baraka Mosque in Beit Lahia, north Gaza.

"We chose the location because the population surrounding the mosque is poor and lacks adequate water. Every day, they have been utilizing contaminated groundwater for their daily needs, including worship," stated Said Mukaffiy of the Global Humanity Network team on Saturday (4/23/2022).

The waqf well was built with a 12-inch pipe and drained into a pipe attached to the mosque's faucets, according to Mukaffiy. This well has the capability of producing thousands of liters of water every day. Mukaffiy further stated that the surrounding community does not need to be concerned about the water's cleanliness. The water from the well will deliver to the water tank and then processed through a water filtration sanitation system, ensuring that the water generated is safe to drink.

The Palestinians seemed happy about this development, and they were working closely with the ACT team to complete the Waqf Well. This well finished this Ramadan with Allah's blessing. This well provides water to at least 500 families in the mosque's immediate vicinity.

"Now, the problem has been fixed. The congregation of the mosque and the surrounding neighbors, who previously had trouble acquiring clean water for their worship needs such as taking ablution and meeting their daily needs, can smile cheerfully," added Mukaffiy.