During the Flood, Mawardi Struggles to Get to Mosque and Rides His Bicycle

Ustaz Mawardi had to brave the tidal flood on his worn-out bicycle to get to the mosque. Given his age, Ustaz Mawardi finds this burdensome.

Ustaz Mawardi
Ustaz Mawardi rides a bicycle for his daily activities. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN — Every day, Ustaz Mawardi (78), the imam of the Al-Ikhlas mosque in Panjang Wetan Village, must cycle about one kilometer. He has been following this routine for the past fifteen years.

Ustaz Mawardi is no longer strong enough to walk to the mosque at his advanced age. He rides his old bicycle all the time.

According to Aditya Nugraha of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Pekalongan, Ustaz Mawardi lives in a tidal flood-prone area, specifically Bugisan Village, Panjang Wetan Village, Pekalongan City. The flood also did not spare his home, inundating it.

He had to cross the tidal water that flooded the road to the mosque every day at dawn. If he got tired of pedaling, he would lead his bicycle through the flood and ride again.

"For the past 20 years, Ustaz Mawardi has served as imam. He has been riding the bike for 15 years, and it is now rusted. It's difficult to ride a bicycle alone, especially when you have to cross 20 cm of tidal water at dawn," Aditya said on Thursday (5/19/2022).

Ustaz Mawardi walks across a flooded road. (ACTNews)

Ustaz Mawardi rides his bicycle even though it is rusted and frequently enters the workshop. He couldn't afford a new bicycle. "Let alone buying a new bicycle, he sometimes has to be helped by residents for service fees," Aditya explained.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Mawardi does not get any salary for being an imam. "So the imam at the village mosque is doing it for free, purely to serve and worship," Aditya explained.

For their efforts, ACT and MRI Pekalongan hope to be able to provide Ustaz Mawardi and his family with new bicycles and food.[]