Eagerness to Grow Motivates Suganda to Dedicate Himself to Education

Sugandaindra worked part-time as a teacher when he was in college. However, there was an unforgettable experience that had a lasting impact on him and motivated him to totally dedicate himself to education.

Suganda has been an honorary teacher since 2005. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANGERANG REGENCY – When he was a university student, Sugandaindra worked part-time at a factory to sustain himself. On Sundays, he worked as a teacher at a school that held supplementary learning activities on weekends.

“I stopped being a teacher for a while when the foundation under which the school operated had a new committee. The new committee stopped the weekend supplementary learning activities,” said Suganda to the team of Global Zakat – ACT of Tangerang Regency Branch.

When he stopped teaching, he no longer felt any enthusiasm for working. Teaching has made a lasting impact on Suganda. He felt himself growing by becoming a teacher.

Since 2005, he has decided to be an honorary teacher at a madrasa belonging to an Islamic education foundation in West Kampung Melayu Village in Teluknaga District, Tangerang Regency.

Once, when he was teaching, a student asked him a question that was quite difficult to answer. This motivated him to learn even more and increase his capacity as a teacher. “Let’s work on this question together! We will learn together from this question,” he said at that time.

Suganda has been studying at a graduate school at a university in Tangerang to improve his capacity.

To assist and appreciate Suganda’s dedication, Global Zakat – ACT handed over foodstuff packages to Suganda through the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program along with four other teachers from the same madrasa. It is hoped that this program will encourage the teachers and help spread the spirit of dedication. []