Early June, Humanitarian Aid Strengthens People in Palestine, Yemen, and Myanmar

The support from generous benefactors never stops flowing. In the first week of June, the support was maximized to assist the recovery in Gaza and to help the lives of IDPs in Yemen and the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

Humanitarian action
One of the humanitarian actions is the distribution of clean water in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Not only in Indonesia but the assistance from generous benefactors were also delivered by Aksi Cepat Tanggap to the victims of humanitarian conflicts in various countries. Early this June, various aid was distributed to the Palestinians in Gaza to recover their life. Meanwhile, the clean water program was also delivered to brothers and sisters in Yemen and Myanmar. What kind of humanitarian assistance was provided? Here's the report!

New Ambulance for Palestina

Palestine has become the country that has received the most attention from generous benefactors. Monday (5/31/2021), a new ambulance unit was being prepared to assist two other ambulance units that were previously on standby in Gaza. The ACT Global Humanity Response team plans that there will be two additional ambulance units to serve in each of the Gaza governorates. A total of five ambulances will be ready to serve in each region.

Fuel assistance to support hospital electricity in Gaza

This week, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) conveyed the generous mandate to provide fuel for the Gazans. At least 7,600 liters of fuel will be supplied by ACT to operate the generator of the Al Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza.

Fuel assistance is implemented this June. (ACTNews)

"This generator can provide the needs for all electricity needs such as the ICU, Emergency Room, Neonatal ICU, and all other important rooms in the hospital," said Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team.

Tons of food aid is ready to fill the kitchens of Gazans

Not only in the health sector but food aid was also prepared in the food sector. A total of 150 tons of food aid was prepared by ACT at the Indonesia Humanitarian Center. "Insha Allah, this aid will be distributed to 7,500 families in Gaza," added Mukaffiy.

Community shelter helps Palestinian families live more comfortably 

The community shelter was prepared by the Palestinian ACT Team in the Deir Al Balah area. Now, hundreds of Gazans have lived in new apartments. The apartment units are equipped with furniture and cooking utensils, access to electricity, and water so that it will make it easier for displaced families to carry out their activities.

Enliven Gaza with the help of clean water

The Humanity Water Tank continues to go around Gaza City earlier this June. This clean water distribution vehicle travels around Gaza City to provide clean water assistance. In one trip, the Humanity Water Tank can distribute up to 68 thousand liters of clean water for the Gazans. At least each family gets 1000 liters of clean water per day.

Together with the volunteer clean up the rubble

In addition to implementing the program, the ACT Palestineteam together with volunteers also helped clean up the rubble of destroyed buildings in Gaza City. Apart from using manual methods, ACT Palestine also deployed several units of heavy equipment such as loader trucks and excavators. The streets in Gaza that are clean of rubble are expected to facilitate the mobilization of aid.

Waqf wells reduce water crisis in Yemen

One unit of the Waqf Well, which has been built since last December 2020, is now finally able to deliver clean water to more than 5,000 Taiz residents. The threat of a clean water crisis is real in Yemen. The United Nations Children's Agency (UNICEF) has warned that nearly 18 million people, including 9.2 million children, do not have access to clean water in Yemen.

Supporting Rohingya life with clean water sources

Two Waqf Wells were rebuilt to help Rohingya IDPs in Nga Pwint Gyi, Sittwe City, Myanmar. Through this assistance, it is hoped that hundreds of residents who have difficulty taking clean water can more easily access clean water sources.

Those are all humanitarian aids from generous benefactors which are given to many people in various countries. Let's continue to support life with our best humanitarian aid.[]