Earthquake Damages Pandeglang Teacher's Residence and School

The earthquake in the Banten Sea also damaged Dedi Mulyad's house in Pasirlancar Village, Sindangresmi District, Pandeglang Regency. He is an honorary teacher and a beneficiary of assistance from Friends of Indonesian Teachers. Dedi is pessimistic that he cannot repair his house because his income as an honorary teacher is little.

Dedi shows his house
Dedi shows his house on Saturday (1/15/2022). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – A magnitude 6.6 earthquake that shook the Banten region damaged the home of Dedi Mulyadi, an honorary teacher at Pasirlir 2 Public Elementary School. Dedi's house in Pasirlir Village, Sindangresmi District, Pandeglang Regency, has several cracks. Meanwhile, most of the roofs collapsed.

"After the disaster, I am scared every night comes. I am worried my house will collapse if there is an aftershock. I hesitate if I have to stay at a neighbor's house,” Dedi stated during an interview with ACTNews on Monday (1/17/2022).

Although his teaching activities had resumed two days after the earthquake, he had to remove the damaged roof tiles. "There are still a lot of broken tiles on top. The tile may fall due to wind or aftershocks if it is not lowered. Of course, it is dangerous," He stated.

Dedi admits that he is not going to renovate his house just yet. The income from teaching and rubber farming is insufficient to repair. He will only use asbestos to replace the damaged tiles.

"I would like to do a complete renovation, but I do not have the funds yet. The most important thing now is to sleep safely," said Dedi. 

The condition of SDN 2 Pasirlir, where Dedi Mulyadi taught, before the earthquake. (ACTNews)

An earthquake also damaged the school building where Dedi teaches. He was concerned that the school building would collapse unexpectedly. As the aftershocks continued into Monday morning, those fears were heightened.

Sukma Jayalaksana of the ACT regional team in Banten stated that the Pasirlir 2 Elementary School building was already in poor condition before the earthquake. "The walls are cracked, and the tiles are peeling. The cracks in the walls grew larger after the earthquake," said Sukma on Monday (1/17/2022).[]