Ease of Access to Water for Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School Students

Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School in Kondangsari Village, Cirebon Regency, often has water shortages, especially during the dry season. Santri and residents often find it difficult because the water debit is running low.

new Waqf Well
Residents and students use the new Waqf Well at the Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIREBON REGENCY – Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School was established on a 5,315 square meter waqf land. The boarding school is located in Kondangsari Village, Beber District, Cirebon Regency, and has contributed to education since 1994.

Alhamdulillah, on its 25th anniversary, Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School has created many Quran memorizers, Ustaz, preachers, lecturers, doctors, and other professions who make the Quran as their way of life," said Muhammad Tawwaba from Global Wakaf-ACT Cirebon team.

Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School tries to manage big goals to educate more qualified national cadres. "Currently, there are dozens of students who study at Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School,” explained Tawwaba.

However, as long as Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School is running, the need for water is vital and is often lacking at all times, especially during the dry season.

"The need for water here is very high because of the large number of teachers and students. When the dry season comes, students often have water problems and have to go down to the river behind the school,” explained Tawwaba. It is considered dangerous because there were students who slipped and fell while taking water.

In the dry season, the water is limited and is more assigned to ablution only. Other needs such as washing are done once a week and bathing once every 1 to 2 days.

Residents around the school often used the mosque in Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School. “The location of Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School is quite strategic, namely on the connecting route between Cirebon and Kuningan Regencies. Therefore, it is often used by residents and travelers. However, limited facilities are an obstacle for them to worship. If there is no water at all, Friday prayers at Islamic boarding schools will be canceled, so the students perform worship in other mosques," said Tawwaba.

Therefore, Global Wakaf-ACT built a Waqf Well for students at Al-Muttaqin Islamic Boarding School. The construction of the well has been completed, and the students have been able to use it since mid-May.

The students happily welcomed this assistance. Waluyo was one of them. "Alhamdulillah, with the construction of the Waqf Well, it is easier to carry out the worship of the students, such as praying, reciting the Quran, and so on. When the dry season arrives, we do not have to worry about water shortages," said Waluyo. []