East Jakartans Happily Welcome Mobile Warteg Program

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) East Jakarta together with the National Amil Zakat Institute for Community Development (Laznas BSM) launched Warteg Mobile in Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta on Friday (20/11). Mobile Warteg will travel around until December and distribute hundreds of ready-to-eat foods at each point.

East Jakartans Happily Welcome Mobile Warteg Program' photo
The ACT East Jakarta Team feeding a woman in Kampung Sumur. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST JAKARTA – EastJakarta Quick Response Action (ACT) together with the National Amil Zakat Institution to Build Prosperous Partners Umat (Laznas BSM) presents Warteg Mobile for underprivileged residents. This free food program has been going on since it was first launched at Jalan Kampung Sumur, Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, last Friday (20/11).

Mat Zen as Chairman of RT 7 RW 10, is very grateful for the presence of Warteg Mobile in his area. He revealed that most of the underprivileged people in this village work as scavengers. "I am very grateful because this activity pays attention to our environment. Because most of our residents are scavengers, ”said Mat.

A total of 400 portions of ready-to-eat meals are a blessing for the residents of Kampung Sumur. The residents enthusiastically welcomed the assistance. Especially because surviving in the midst of the unfinished Covid-19 pandemic is not easy.

Wuryanto from the East Jakarta ACT Program Team explained, Warteg Mobile will continue to tour several points in Jakarta until December. "The Warteg Mobile program will continue to spread happiness in the form of fast food for residents in 18 other locations with 400 portions for each location. Together with us, the East Jakarta Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI) also helped distribute free food at every point, "said Wuryanto.

Wuryanto hopes that in the future Warteg Mobile will address more points. Therefore, he hopes for the support of the benefactors so that Mobil Warteg can continue to run. "Of course, we hope that there will be more points that we can target so that they can meet the needs of residents in need in this difficult time. For this reason, the benefactors can channel their best assistance through the Dermawan Indonesia website or through the BNI Syariah account at 99 0000 647, "said Wuryanto. []


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