Eastern Ghouta Bombarded, Syria Drenched in Blood Once More

Eastern Ghouta Bombarded, Syria Drenched in Blood Once More

ACTNews, EAST GHOUTA – Screams of horror were heard, cries for help echoed in every corner of East Ghouta, not far from Damascus, the capital of Syria. Panic spread in the last 48 hours. Blood and dust mixed as the death of Syrian civilians added to the death toll of the Syrian crisis.

Since Monday (19/2), beneath the rubble and destroyed building, voices of fear and chaos of the Eastern Ghouta residents have been heard continuously. In the last two days, videos uploaded by a number of international news agencies are showing the fear and horror that are plaguing East Ghouta.

Through the dust, a baby was carried away quickly from the rubles. His face was full of wounds, covered in dust and blood. Children were pulled off from their ruined houses. They are the first priority to be saved.

Grey and white dominated the scene. Dust filled the air. The foundations of almost all the tall buildings in Ghouta were destructed. Bombs from the sky didn’t stop falling, turning everything on the ground into rubble.

Al-Jazeera wrote that, in the last 48 hours since Monday (19/2), the Syrian forces have been relentlessly bombing Ghouta, targeting the rebel’s base in Eastern Ghouta.

The artillery shells that were relentlessly shot couldn’t discern and choose their targets. Despite aiming at the rebels’ base in Eastern Ghouta, thousands of innocent civilians also became the victims.

According to the reports from the enclave, around 20-30 shells are falling on the residential areas, especially in Hammouriyeh and Sabka.

Until this news was revealed, because of the airstrike for the last 48 hours, at least 250 civilians were killed, including children and infants who were unable to be saved. The civilians’ death toll is predicted to rise.

Worse attack since 2013

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stated that the horror that has been happening in the last 48 hours marked the "largest massacre in Syria" since the chemical attack in Idlib province where more than 80 people were killed.

"Warplanes have not stopped soaring over the city. When the shelling temporarily stops, they start firing missiles at us," said Shams, a mother of two children, as quoted by Al-Jazeera. 

Khalid Abulabed, a field doctor in the Damascus suburb, described the current situation as "crazy and catastrophic".

"It's indescribable. It reminded me of what we used to see in Aleppo - shelling day and night," he told Al Jazeera.

Eastern Ghouta has been targeted once more by the Syrian regime to defeat the opposition force. The main aim is to retake Eastern Ghouta, which has been the last base of the opposition. Since 2013, Eastern Ghouta has been blockaded and besieged. Airstrikes have hit every corner of Eastern Ghouta, killing civilians, destroying houses, bakeries, markets and other food storeage facilities.

Currently, Eastern Ghouta is populated by 400.000 civilians. []  


Picture sources: Anadolu, Reuters, Al-Jazeera


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