Easy to Buy Qurbani Animals through Globalqurban.com

Don't miss the opportunity to buy the best Qurbani animals at affordable prices only at Globalqurban.com. Starting from IDR 2.3 million, Generous Friends can deliver the best Qurbani meat all over the world.

Globalqurban.com website
Perform Qurbani with affordable Qurbani animal prices can be done at the Globalqurban.com website. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA Eid ul-Adha is getting closer. Where have you prepared your Qurbani? Have you chosen the best Qurbani animal? Globalqurban.com has the best way to help Generous Friends choose the best Qurbani animal, according to your wishes and budget.

Check out the following steps:

Go to the Global Qurban website

Global Qurban-ACT's official website is globalqurban.com. Generous Friends can access it with any device and make sure the device is connected to the internet.

Choose a Qurbani animals

Next, select the Qurbani animal that you want. On the Global Qurban website, there are pictures of Qurbani animals along with price information.

Qurbani animal options are regular goats, regular cattle, Palestinian goats and cattle, Syrian cattle and goats, Yemeni goats, camels, and cattle.

Click one of the animal pictures to make a purchase. Select "Buy now" if Generous Friends want to make a direct purchase payment or "Add to cart" if Generous Friends buy more than one type of Qurbani animal.

Screenshot of globalqurban.com website after clicking on the choice of Qurbani animal. (ACTNews)

Fill in your data

After clicking on the animal you want to buy, the next step is to fill in your data. Generous Friends need to fill in your full name, email address, and active phone number. The column "Name of the Qurbani", is filled with the person's name who wants to be given a Qurbani. For example, the name of the father, mother, grandmother, or grandfather. Once all filled in, then click agree on terms and conditions.

Screenshot of personal data entry column on the globalqurban.com website. (ACTNews)


The final step is payment. Generous Friends will be given a variety of payment systems to make it easy payment.

Payments can be sent by direct transfer, through virtual accounts, digital finance, credit cards, or the ActionPay technology financial application.

Screenshot of various payment options at Globalqurban.com. (ACTNews)

After the payment is confirmed, the Qurbani donor can wait for the Qurbani animal to be slaughtered during Eid ul-Adha or on the day of Tashreeq. Notification of the slaughtered Qurbani animal will also be sent through the telephone number and email registered.

This is proof that Generous Friends’ Qurani has been fulfilled and reached the beneficiaries in various parts of the world. If you have problems, Generous Friends can call at number +62 21-2940-7165 or email info@globalqurban.com.[]