Ecih Supports Mimi by Selling Serabi

The love between these siblings lasts until old age. Ecih (50) continues to fight for Mimi (47), her special-needs brother. Every day, Ecih sells Serabi (pancake) to meet their daily needs.

Ecih supports the needs of her brother, Mimi. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG REGENCY – Sometimes, Ecih (50) can only cry seeing Mimi (47). Once in a while, to hide the sadness in her heart, Ecih turned away from her brother.

Ecih does not know for sure what happened to Mimi. Since childhood, her family has never done a medical examination of Mimi. What she knows is that Mimi is different from other adults. Her brother is special needs person. He is not able to meet the needs of his life.

Mimi can only lie at home. Therefore, as an older sister, Ecih fulfills Mimi's daily needs, such as bathing, urinating, changing diapers, and eating. Unfortunately, their house does not have a toilet. Every day, Ecih has to draw water from the nearest mosque.

Ecih had several times received help from social institutions that promised to take care of Mimi. However, it always ends with Mimi's repatriation. Once, Ecih found Mimi on the street, stranded, with IV marks still visible on her body. Ecih does not want this incident to happen again. She decided to take care of her brother herself.

Apart from taking care of Mimi, Ecih has to earn income. A resident of Kadubeureum Village, Pabuaran District, Serang Regency sells Serabi (Indonesian-traditional pancake). Her income is around IDR 20 to 30 thousand a day.

Ecih meets her daily needs by selling Serabi. (ACTNews)

Ecih's business does not always run smoothly. Often, customers cancel their orders because of Mimi’s condition. “At that time, someone wanted to order Serabi. After that person saw Mimi, she canceled the order," explained Ecih when met by ACT team last Thursday (11/25/2021).

Ecih also wants to learn to improve her business. She was grateful to have met Global Wakaf-ACT last April. After receiving capital assistance, Ecih expanded the market by visiting her friends.

“I am trying to return the capital assistance. On the other hand, I also get business monitoring to develop my business. I am grateful and hope to live a better life,” she prayed. Until this moment, Ecih has never given up. She always tries to make a living. []