Economic Condition and Spirit of Honorary Teachers during a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has depressed the economy of honorary teachers. Even so, the enthusiasm of the teachers to teach did not diminish in the slightest.

Defiatul Hasanah.
Defiatul Hasanah receives a food package from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LIMA PULUH KOTA – Wednesday (7/7/2021), ACT Lima Puluh Kota provided food package assistance for teachers in Kenagarian Mungo, Luak District, Lima Puluh Kota Regency. For teachers, this assistance is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The reason is that teachers are having difficulty meeting the needs due to the Covid-19 pandemic

One of the beneficiaries, Defiatul Hasanah says many of her fellow honorary teachers lost their income from side businesses. Having a side business is a way out for honorary teachers to make ends meet. However, due to the pandemic, businesses have fewer customers.

The teacher's enthusiasm does not decrease despite the economic difficulties. Defiatul admits that she goes to school every day with her three-year-old daughter. She has to do that because the distance between home and school is quite far, and no one takes care of her at home.

“The pandemic has made the economy of honorary teachers even more difficult. Those who have side businesses do not have many buyers. They open a business because it is not enough to rely solely on teacher salaries. However, they continue to teach, and their enthusiasm does not diminish," said Defiatul, Wednesday (7/7/2021).

Another honorary teacher, Asmila Orita says that the Covid-19 pandemic does not prevent her from continuing to teach. After teaching at school, Asmila teaches the children the Quran in the madrasa. The distance between her house and the madrasa is seven kilometers.

“I don't have much time for my son because I teach from morning to evening. I meet him after I finished teaching. What else can I do? My salary as a teacher is not enough, so I have to look for additional income,” said Asmila.

Asmila explains that the pandemic has an impact on her economy. As an honorary teacher, salary payments are often made every two to three months. This requires Asmila to owe to her neighbors. "I have no choice," Asmila concluded. []