Efforts of Ike Purnamasari, An Honorary Teacher with Small Salary and Paid Every Three Months

Though her salary is not much and oftentimes she is paid only per three months, It doesn’t lessen the teaching spirit of Ike Purnamasari (29).

Ike Purnamasari and the students of Muarasari 2 Elementary School.
Ike Purnamasari and the students of Muarasari 2 Elementary School in Sindangrasa, East Bogor, Bogor Regency, (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – At 6 a.m in the morning, Ike Purnamasari (29) is ready to get on the public transportation to go to Muarasari 2 Elementary School in Sidangrasa, East Bogor, Bogor Regency where she serves as a teacher. Though she has been teaching for five years, her status remains as an honorary teacher. Her salary is IDR 650 thousand per month and oftentimes she receives it only after three months.

“If I got paid per three months, oftentimes I don’t have enough money to pay for the motorbike taxi,” said Ike to the Global Zakat-ACT Bogor team, Friday (04/23/2021).

The salary that Ike receives every three months makes it quite difficult for her to buy school supplies for her two younger siblings.

As a form of sympathy to Ike, Global Zakat-ACT gave her the financial assistance to support her life. Ike was very grateful and expressed her gratitude to the benefactors of Global Zakat-ACT. “Thank you for all the assistance and attention that you gave to me. I’m praying for your generosiy will be rewarded by Allah SWT,” she said

Ike receives the living expenses assistance from ACT and Global Zakat. (ACTNews)

The Program Coordinator of Global Zakat-ACT Bogor, Wahyudi, explained that Ike’s spirit was one of the main reasons to support her through the financial assistance. Hopefully, through the assistance, Ike can fulfill her life necessities when she still hasn’t received her monthly salary yet.

“Ike is an amazing figure. At a young age, she dedicates herself as an honorary teacher when she actually can look for other jobs. Therefore, we support her spirit so that Ike can continue to share her knowledge with our nation’s future generations,” said Wahyu.[]