Efforts to Overcome Stunting Cases in Surabaya

ACT’s Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation was held in Kampung 1001 Malam, Surabaya. This program was a joint effort to solve the stunting problem in the capital city of East Java.

Children in Kampung 1001 Malam
Children in Kampung 1001 Malam receive nutrition packages from the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SURABAYA – Stunting is still one of the problems faced by Indonesian families. This condition of failure to thrive or stunted occurs in children under five due to chronic malnutrition and repeated infections, especially during the first thousand days of life (HPK), from fetus to child aged 23 months.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of stunting among children under five in Indonesia is still one of the highest in the world. Indonesia is ranked fourth in the world and second in Asia. It is known, the number of stunting cases in Indonesia in 2019 reached 27.67 percent.

Following up on this condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) on Saturday (10/16/2021) with Humanity Medical Services program held an Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation in Surabaya. It is recorded that more than 5 thousand children in the capital city of East Java Province are stunted. They are scattered in urban villages such as Wonokusumo, Pegirian, Sidotopo Wetan, Tanah Kali Kewall, Bulak Banteng, Morokrembangan, Putat Jaya, Lontar, Asemrowo, and Babat Acne, which are the 10 locations for highest stunting cases in Surabaya.

Indonesian Children's Nutrition Operation in Surabaya was held at Kampung 1001 Malam, under the Dupak Surabaya Toll Road. This activity took place after the launch of Humanity Medical Services at Baiturrozaq SIER Mosque, Rungkut, Surabaya. Humanity Food Truck also supported this action by providing 800 portions of ready-to-eat meals.

“Stunting is a problem that must be resolved immediately because this is a problem for the next generation. Indonesian Children's Nutrition Operation tries to solve this problem. Hopefully, it can also educate parents. Hence, they do not let their guard down,” explained the Head of Humanity Medical Services Surabaya, Doctor Asdi.

After the launch of Humanity Medical Services and Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation in Surabaya, similar actions will continue to assist the community. Asdi adds a reliable medical team equipped with ambulances continues to support Humanity Medical Service for the poor for free.

Deputy Chief Officer Tenggilis Mejoyo Sugiati attended the launch of Indonesian Children's Nutrition Operation in Kampung 1001 Malam. She supports ACT’s kindness programs. Sugiati also hopes that Babinsa (a noncommissioned law enforcement officer) can socialize the programs to the community. ACT’s programs are good and help the community. Apart from the police, ACT’s Humanity Medical Services also received support from BEM FK UNAIR and Hima JPE UNESA.

Kampung 1001 Malam is located in Dupak Village, Kembangan, Surabaya. There are hundreds of families living under the Surabaya-Gresik toll road. On average, their economy is low, and the majority of the residents work as buskers, scavengers, and construction workers.

Darkness always surrounds this village. Hence, do not be surprised if it is called Kampung 1001 Malam. The cleanliness of the settlement also needs to be a concern because the area on the outskirts of Kalianak makes the health of residents vulnerable to various diseases.[]