Eid Gifts for Palestinians in Jerusalem

Eid Gifts for Palestinians in Jerusalem

ACTNews, JERUSALEMEid-ul-Fitr in Jerusalem is different with the Eid in Indonesia. It has the same significance, but the celebration is different. Unlike Indonesia, which has the tradition of gathering and visiting each other on the day of Eid, In Jerusalem, such tradition begins on the eve of Eid, on Thursday (6/15). Dozens of the families of the murabitin, the protectors of Al-Aqsa, gathered to receive Eid gifts from the people of Indonesia. These Eid gifts were prepared by Aksi Cepat Tanggap volunteers living near the Al-Aqsa Compound.   

In front of a backdrop that said Eid Gifts Distribution For Palestinians, dozens of Palestinian families in Jerusalem were standing in line. Men, women and children could not wait for their turn to receive their Eid gifts that consisted of sweets and typical Palestinian cookies.

On the other side of the venue, happy faces of the Palestinians were seen. They smiled, carrying packages of toys. Who wouldn’t love to be given toys? Especially that the toys are the Eid gifts for the kids who have fasted for a whole month.

“Thank you for the gifts, ACT, and thank you for the toys as well. We really like it,” said Lubab, a Palestinian child.

Humanity Cards supported Palestinians in Ramadan

The happiness given by the people of Indonesia was not only in the form of Eid gifts. Previously, Humanity Cards were given to new families in Jerusalem. Launched in August 2017, Humanity Cards in Jerusalem have reached 300 Murabitin families.

“Each family received a card that can be used to shop in several supermarkets that have been our partners in this program to receive food aid,” said Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT.

Few days before Eid, ACT gave Humanity Cards to give food aid to families in Jerusalem. The food supplies that can be bought in the shops are the staple food items that they can use to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. The purchase can be done by using the Humanity Card at the cashier. The distribution of the aid was held in three days, Tuesday (6/10) to Thursday (6/12),” added Faradiba.

Jerusalem under illegal occupation

In sacred compound of Jerusalem lies the Al-Aqsa Mosque that was the first qiblah of the Muslims. The issue of Jerusalem is not only the issue of sacred sites, but also the issue of unjustly seized lands of Palestine. Tall walls were built surrounding the Old city of Jerusalem to prevent unauthorized people from entering the sacred compound.

The illegal occupation of Jerusalem by Israel began after the 1967 war. Then the Zionist force seized Jerusalem in 1980. They claimed it to be the capital of the Zionist state, a move which has never been approved by the international community.

In mid-Ramadan, the Israeli forces committed yet another repressive action. They reportedly installed barbed wire to bar the donors from donating free iftar packages during Ramadan.

The atrocities committed by the Zionists did not stop there as they installed three checkpoints along the route of the trucks that delivered the meal packages to the mosque. The inspections at the checkpoints had caused the delay of the meal distribution.

Praying for the safety of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa has become a duty for us, for the blessed land has been afflicted by many calamities and acts of oppression. After sending our best, most sincere prayers, then it is time for us to do the best effort for Palestine, Insha Allah. []


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