Eid Gifts of Food and Cash for Nurlela

Nurlela have been living in difficulty for the past two years. In addition to the stroke from which she has been suffering, her family’s financial condition has also been worsening. However, ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, Nurlela was very grateful to receive meal packages and cash to buy Eid clothes for her two children.

ACT President Ibnu Khajar handed over the meal packages to Nurlela’s children, Tuesday (5/19). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Nurlela and her three children live in a decrepit house in a densely populated neighborhood in Lenteng Agung Urban Village, Jagakarsa Subdistrict, South Jakarta. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team visited Nurlela's family or Tuesday (5/19) afternoon on the 26th day of Ramadan.

Nurlela is a mother of four children with three of her school-aged children living with her. The stroke from which she has been suffering for two years has hampered her mobility. Previously, she worked as a housekeeper and parking attendant with her husband.

"Now I can't work at all. I usually receive iftar and suhoor from my neighbors," she said, Tuesday (5/19).

This Ramadan feels very different for Nurlela. The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to the closure of mosques around the world. Unlike in the previous years, there are not many gatherings before the iftar time. Nurlela also missed the time when she could work so that she can buy Eid clothes for her children.

On Tuesday, ACT team’s arrival brought happiness to Nurlela’s family. The zakat paid by the muzaki (zakat givers) through Global Zakat-ACT was delivered to Nurlela. In addition to a 25 kilograms of rice, the team also handed over meal packages from the Humanity Central Kitchen and cash assistance. The money, Nurlela admitted, will be used to buy new clothes for her third and fourth children.

"My youngest child often asks for new clothes. My third child understands our situation, but he might get jealous, so I must buy new clothes for him too. Alhamdulillah we also received rice. This is enough until later after Eid, "said Nurlela who planned to buy new clothes for her children on the next day (5/20).

Since suffering from stroke, Nurlela’s eldest son becomes the breadwinner of the family. Though his salary as a security guard is not much, but it is enough to support his parents and siblings. Still, it is not enough for Nurlela’s medical treatments. For her treatments, Nurlela rely on alternative medicines. []