Ely Works as an Honorary Teacher for 24 Years

For decades, Ely Maryani has survived with her job as an honorary teacher even though her income is not sufficient.

Ely's desire to provide her students with the best knowledge is unaffected by her financial situation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MUSI REGENCY– Ely Maryana has been an honorary teacher for 24 years. She began with a monthly salary of IDR 25,000 and has since increased her salary to IDR 400,000 per month.

Nonetheless, this teacher's salary from Suro Village, Muara Beliti District, Musi Rawas Regency is insufficient to meet her basic needs. Furthermore, Ely's husband is currently unable to perform his usual duties. Ely has no choice but to rely on her teaching salary.

"My husband has been unable to carry out activities for the past four years due to an accident," Ely explained to Global Zakat-ACT Team yesterday (12/15/2021).

This condition, however, did not detract from Ely's sincerity in teaching. She continues to provide students with the most up-to-date information. Finding another job is extremely difficult, especially amid the pandemic.

Global Zakat-ACT Lubuklinggau provided Ely with financial assistance through the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program. On that day, Ely and seven other honorary teachers from Lubuklinggau Regency and surrounding areas benefited from this program.

"Hopefully, this program will continue indefinitely, and Global Zakat-ACT will continue to be successful. Thank you also to the benefactors, and best of luck to all of you," Ely said when receiving the assistance. []