Emergency Aid Reaches Lahat Flood Victims

Flash flood hit six areas in Lahat Regency on Thursday (1/9). ACT South Sumatra deployed the Disaster Emergency Response (DER) team to evacuate the flood victims and to provide basic needs and medical service.

Handover of the aid to the flood-affected community. (ACTNews/Aditya Marsel)

ACTNews, LAHAT - Floods that inundated several areas in Lahat Regency brought misery to many people. In some locations, the height of the water had been submerging the neighborhoods since Thursday (1/9) even reached 1 to 2 meters. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Sumatera provided assistance during the emergency response phase.

The Disaster Emergency Response (DER) - ACT Team evacuated the flood victims on Friday (1/10). The team of ten people was deployed to help the evacuation process, and to provide medical services. The team was also focusing on sending basic supplies such as food packages, mattresses, milk for babies, medicines, and school supplies.

Head of ACT South Sumatera’s Marketing Division, Diwadia, explained that the assistance for the flash flood victims in Lahat will continue to be distributed.

"We have opened a post on Jalan Veteran, Bandar Agung, Lahat Regency. Insha Allah, today (1/10), we are sending two volunteers from Palembang to participate in helping the flood victims in Lahat. They are also carrying inflatable boats along with rescue equipment and life vests as well as some additional aid packages. In this situation, we need a lot of help, and we invite the community to join in helping each other, "explained Diwadia.

Floods that hit one of the residents' houses on Thursday (1/9). (ACTNews / Aditya Marsel)

Based on information received from the ACT Disaster Emergency Response (DER) team in Lahat, six areas in Lahat Subdistrict were affected by flooding. These regions were Kota Jaya, Gunung Kembang Village, East Kikim, South Kikim, West Kikim, and Gumay Talang. The total number of residents affected by the flood were 324. 35 families were displaced, and 56 houses were severely damaged by the floods.

Through the Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Dermawan movement, ACT invites the community to support the available collaborative programs. "Our existing humanitarian fleet will continue serve the flood victims. Hence, we also need the support from all elements of society to continue this effort. This is a humanitarian collaboration, a manifestation of the local wisdoms that must be maintained. Together we certainly can do it," added Diwa.

The local government had also made efforts to assist the flood victims, for example, when evacuating the local residents, the government collaborated with ACT and other social institutions to mitigate the impact of the flood in Lahat.

Through the #BersamaAtasiBencana program, ACT continues to invite benefactors to help the survivors of the flash floods in Lahat, both in the form of cash or noncash donations. You can donate directly via the bit.ly/donasi_ACTSumsel link or through an account in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap in BNI Syariah # 66 0000 5505, then confirm via Whatsapp to 6281369007979. []