Empowering Local Farmers and Local Residents in Eid Al-Adha

This year, Global Qurban - ACT will collaborate with local animal farmers. It is expected that this collaboration will both empower and benefit the local communities.

Budi, the owner of a farm in Ciampea, Bogor. The farm was established in 2002. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Budi Susilo’s farm in Ciampea, Bogor Regency, has hundreds of sheep, goats, and around 50 heads of cattle. That number will continue to grow as Eid Al-Adha approaches. The farmers take care of the animals every day, providing the best feed and cleaning the sheds.

There are over a dozen people working on the farm. They have been working there since the farm was established in 2002. For Budi, profit is not his main goal in running the farm. What’s important for him is community empowerment by involving the local residents living around his farm. He believes that if the orientation is the common good, then the profit will follow.

"This animal farm was established on the basis of community empowerment. We give priority to residents who live in the vicinity of the farm, "explained Budi, Tuesday (6/9).

Budi’s team has been very busy as Eid Al-Adha approaches. More animals for qurbani have arrived at the farm before East Java and Bali. The team must take special measures to treat the animals well because they often get stressed due to the trip from their places of origin.

The man who graduated from IPB University does not want to succeed alone. In addition to the local villagers, Budi also opens opportunities for students and other people who want to learn about animal farming.

For four years, Budi’s farm has been collaborating with Global Qurban – ACT to provide the best animals for qurbani. "This collaboration makes us proud because, through Global Qurban, qurbani animals from this farm can be enjoyed by the wider community," he said.

Budi revealed, because of the mutual vision and aim, Budi wants to continue the collaboration because this collaboration leads to massive empowerment and benefits. []