Empowering MSMEs; Global Wakaf Buys Up Halimah’s Merchandise

In order to make a living for herself and her four grandchildren, Halimah (65) has to sell geprek chicken. The enforcement of PPKM makes it difficult for Halimah to sell her dish so that sometimes, she can’t get her capital back.

Empowering MSMEs.
Every day, Halimah opens her stall from noon until evening. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – Halimah was very moved by the arrival of Global Wakaf-ACT Team. At that time, Halimah's geprek chicken (smashed fried chicken with sambal) stall, which was located at Jalan Walang Baru VIIA, North Tugu Village, Koja, North Jakarta, was immediately sold out. She wiped the tears that fell onto her long hijab.

“Please pray for me, so that I can be strong enough to support my grandchildren,” asked Halimah, Saturday (8/7/2021).

Currently, Halimah has to take care of her four grandchildren who are now orphans. Halimah’s income is only through selling geprek chicken. Her old age doesn’t dampen Halimah’s spirit to keep trying. Every day, she opened her stall from noon until evening.

But during this PPKM period, Halimah admitted that it is difficult for her to sell her wares. “Usually I can make sixty portions of geprek chicken in one day. However, due to the PPKM's condition, I can only sell a few of the geprek chicken. I'm afraid that if I make a lot, it won't even be sold," said Halimah.

If her merchandise is unsold, then Halimah cannot rotate her capital. Therefore, Global Wakaf-ACT bought Halimah's entire merchandise that day. After that, Halimah's dishes were distributed to daily workers around the location. In addition to buying up her geprek chicken, Halimah also received capital assistance from the Waqf for the MSME program, as well as business assistance in the future.

The Buying Up MSME Businesses program is one of the new programs of the Productive Capital Waqf. Through this program, Global Wakaf-ACT will buy all the merchandise of MSME owners to empower them during the PPKM period. []